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Achieve the best surface finish for your vintage restoration project.

Clean and restore your antique automotive or motorcycle parts.

We offer you the best methods for cleaning and restoring parts for your classic cars and motorcycles. At Clean Machine Blasting, we can wash away years of corrosion, oxidation, paint and dirt leaving you with an OEM appearance.

Clean Machine Blasting Side-by-side Comparison

Our services include:

  • Vapor Wet Blasting
    Ideal for cleaning aluminum and soft metals, rubber, and plastic
  • Dry Glass Bead Blasting
    Ideal for cleaning steel or priming surfaces for painting
  • Soda Blasting
    Ideal for cleaning electrical and engine internal parts
  • Ultrasonic Blasting
    Ideal for cleaning carburetors

Superior treatment for machined surfaces.

Vintage Auto Parts Restoration

The rough abrasive of sand blasting can remove unique markings from your one-of-a-kind automotive and motorcycle parts, reducing the value of your rebuild. The cleaning methods we use at Clean Machine Blasting will preserve and protect your parts to ensure there is no etching of metal.

Clean Machine Blasting will preserve the authenticity of your classic auto parts.

Water creates a cushion for the glass abrasive, so that your parts are uniformly clean, dust-free, and left with an ideal finish for your vintage restoration project. The process keeps parts cool, so you have no fear of metal warpage from the blasting media, and we don’t use any harsh chemicals that can react with the metal.

Clean Machine Blasting makes the process of cleaning your vintage parts easy.

Please dismantle your parts completely, and send only what you want cleaned. You do not need to remove studs, but it makes sense for you to remove them now and ship them to a plater if you want the plating restored. You do not need to spend excess time pre-cleaning for us. We’ll do the cleaning for you!

Clean Machine Blasting will degrease and clean your parts using the agreed upon method:

  • Vapor blasting for aluminum, plastic, rubber, and steel parts.
  • Glass bead blasting for parts you plan to repaint.
  • Soda blasting for electrical components or engine internals.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of carburetors.
  • Any combination of the above as agreed upon.

After cleaning, your blasted parts will be washed to remove any blast residue. If requested, we will treat your parts with ACF50 (Anti Corrosion Formula 50 by Lear Chemicals).

You will receive an invoice from us by email with before and after photos. Please make payment by debit card or Paypal on our website.

You parts will be packaged and protected, and return ship by the agreed method (UPS, U.S. Postal Service, or Fedex) typically in less than 1 week. Let us know if you want added insurance coverage. We will attempt to re-use your packing material and box, but may add extra padding or boxes as required.

We are detail oriented, and may contact you about removing minor scratches or gouges before we blast.

About Clean Machine Blasting

Clean Machine Blasting will clean your Vintage Motorcycle PartsClean Machine Blasting is a family owned and operated business run by vintage car and motorcycle enthusiasts, Richard and James Hinely.

Richard has over 25 years of experience in restoring antique motorcycles. James is a graduate of Motorcycle Mechanics Institue in Orlando, FL, and works full time as a machinist.

We collectively own over 25 new and antique motorcycles, and continue to adopt orphan bikes as projects to bring back to life. Our passion is for American, British, European, and Japanese motorcycles, but we are also vintage car and truck buffs. We focus on restoring and preserving antique cars, trucks, and motorcycles, and look forward to helping you with your vintage restoration project.


Let us help you with your rebuild today.

Please ship your vintage engine components to:

Clean Machine Blasting
24 Ridge Road
Savannah, GA 31405

All parts should be completely dismantled and relatively clean of oil before shipping to us. Once we clean and inspect your parts, we will package and return them by UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Turnaround time is less than 1 week from when we receive your parts. We will also provide you with before and after photographs.

Contact us today for more information, or to request an estimate.

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